The Exhibits

museum_pict1The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio is free and open to the public. Walk-in visitors are invited to enjoy a self-guided tour, while scheduled groups of 20 or more are taken on docent-led tours and offered the chance to hear from a local Holocaust survivor. To schedule a tour or hear from one of our speakers, please fill our a Tour Scheduling Form at least two weeks prior to your desired date.

Visitors will learn about the Holocaust through three primary exhibits. Our Memorial begins with the Nazi rise to power, and includes examples of the hateful video and print propaganda common to the day. Photographs, films, artifacts, and maps continue the story, bringing to life the 12 years of Nazi rule across Europe, and tracing the incremental steps that led to extermination in the killing fields and death camps. This includes a Torah Scroll on permanent loan from the Westminster Synagogue in London.

museum_pict2In an outside corridor, adjacent to the main exhibit, is a special display titled, “In America 1933-45; Response to the Holocaust”, which traces American reaction and involvement in events unfolding in Europe. A smaller exhibit is dedicated to the Holocaust survivors who settled in San Antonio after liberation and to American soldiers who liberated the concentration camps.

Finally, the Holocaust Memorial Museum includes a contemplative area located on an exterior terrace that memorializes those who perished during the Holocaust.

The Museum is open Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm, and Sunday, 1pm – 3pm, or by appointment. There is no admission fee, but a donation of $1 per student and $3 per adult is recommended. Holiday hours may apply.