Holocaust Study Seminar


                               The goal of this program seeks to educate and expose high school students to the history and
atrocities of the Holocaust, with the intent of broadening their world views and empowering them to
positively impact the world in which they live.

This program seeks 8 to 10 high school sophomores and juniors, who will be selected for the
Holocaust Study Seminar. Students accepted into the program will be expected to attend and
participate in a series of 12 to 14 seminars and meetings through the winter and spring of 2017.
Each student will also be required to raise $500 to be used towards trip expenses and will be required
to make a post-trip presentation to key stakeholders of the program. All other trip expenses (airfare,
ground transport, food, and lodging) will be covered through funding from the Richard and Sue Carter
Charitable Trust.

This unique program will also include a 10 to 12 day trip to Eastern Europe in June 2017, where the
students will learn on site at historical locations. Upon return, students will be expected to share their
experiences and thoughts with their schools and communities.

Holocaust Study Tour Application