Museum Staff

Nehemia “Nammie” Ichilov
Museum Director
(210) 302-6807

Julie Tzucker
Education Coordinator
(210) 302-6812

Kate McCloud
Programs Manager
(210) 302-6857

Nicole Munoz
Gallery Attendant
(210) 302-6807

Holocaust Memorial Museum Commission

The Holocaust Memorial Museum is led by a commission comprised of San Antonio community members with a special interest in the Museum and a desire to teach the lessons from the Holocaust to future generations. The commission members volunteer their time to guide Museum operations, provide support and ensure that the Museum continues to offer quality services and educational programs to the San Antonio Community.

Holocaust Memorial Museum Commission Members

Victoria Aarons, Ph.D.
Cantor Julie Berlin
Maxine Cohen
DeAnne Cuellar
Sharon Greenwald
Marge Gregerman

Mark Ingram
Dr. Jason Johnson
Jeanette Pierce
Richard Planto
Varda Ratner

Rabbi Ben Richards
Linda Solis
Joshua Sutin
Rev. Ben Trammell
Sandy Wartell