Workshops and Seminars


The Holocaust Memorial Museum is proud to provide the San Antonio community with opportunities for advancement through our certified TCEU program. Past workshops and seminars have included “The Paper Clips Project,” “Kindertransport,” “How Civil Servants Became Mass Murderers in Hitler’s Third Reich,”  “The Ideology of Annihilation,” “A World Behind Wire: The Nazi Camps and Ghettos,” and “Faces of Survival.” Led by our Director of Education and our Distinguished Scholar in Residence, these trainings offer a focused look at Holocaust history, and a glimpse at the motives of history’s worst perpetrators.

In the coming months, the Museum will invite Holocaust experts to join Dr. Ed Westermann in leading a diversity of workshops and seminars. Proposed subjects include Hitler’s Police Battalions, an open-house for educators, anti-Semitism, Human Rights Atrocities of the Modern Age, Refuge in the Americas, The Future of Holocaust Studies. For sponsorship opportunities for the titles listed above, please contact our Education Coordinator at

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